Before you come to Prague Salsa Marathon



The address of the marathon venue and link to google maps
Na Marjánce, Bělohorská 35, 169 00 Prague 6

From the Airport (20-30 minutes)
The distance from the airport to the venue is 13.0km / 8miles (15 - 20 minutes by car). UBER or TAXIFY is quite popular in Prague and it is the best way for the transport. If you use taxi, you should NOT pay more than 550CZK / 20€ per car ride (4 persons). It is like everywhere in the world and big city, especially if you are a stranger. Better to ask for the price first.
Two TAXI companies you can use:
From Main Railway station (25 minutes)
  • Take the subway RED LINE "C" from "Hlavní Nádraží". It is 2 stations to station "Vltavská"
  • Take the tram #25 and 11 stations to stations "MARJANKA ", you are there.


The preparty starts at 18:00 and ends at 22:00 (max at 22:30). Please be on time, we cannot stay longer because of the night quietness law.
The venue is open-air so in case of bad weather (cold and less than 16ºC or rain) it will be cancelled.
Please ALWAYS check the weather forecast

The best way how to get to VINEYARD GAZEBO from marathon venue / apartments / Hotel Pyramida
  • Take the tram #22 from station MARJANKA
  • go to station KRYMSKA

It is around 33 minutes by this tram, then 5 minutes by walk, please see the google map & route

Address of the VINEYARD GAZEBO venue
Viniční altán, Havlíčkovy Sady, Prague 2


If you have reserved the accommodation through us, you can directly go the to the destination and the reception. They already have the list of our guests and names so you do not need anything just your ID card or passport. Your accommodation is already paid and will be ready for you
    the reception is opened 24h
    the reception is opened from 08:00 to 17:00. After 17:00 you can get the keys of your apartment at the registration desk of marathon (3 minutes by walk). The only exception is if you arrive late on Wednesday. If this is your case and all your roomies too, please inform us via an email or facebook.


You do not need anything just your ID card / passport to show us at the registration. If you have STANDARD pass and want to upgrade to MAX, just come on Wednesday / Thursday. The difference to pay is 40€, please give it to ladies at our reception.

Registration desk hours
  • MAX pass : Thursday 18:00 - 24:00
  • STANDARD pass : Friday 18:00 - 24:00


The dinner starts at 20:00 and ends at 22:00. We will do our best to prolong the times especially for the first day of registration, if more guests arrive late. As you know, water is for free at the marathon. Although we have enough of plastic cups, PLEASE help us to save nature and reuse the cups. It is easy - TAG your cup, FILL it up and reuse it :-)

Looking for more fun ?



Due to huge interest and limited capacity of the venues our marathons are sold out very quickly. If you want to secure your spot and be sure you'll be there, this is your chance. Book your pass for your next marathon and pay at the registration desk during the marathon days.
  • Summer Salsa Marathon Holiday - Summer edition
    Summer Salsa Marathon Holiday - Summer edition

    18th July - 21st July 2019
    FULL pass 100€
    Summer Salsa Marathon will take place in this beautiful area in the middle of vineyard in south of Bohemia. Like all the marathons, it has limited capacity for 100 ladies and 100 men, food & water all inclusive and all you can eat, parties by the pool and two dance rooms.

  • Prague Salsa Marathon 2019 - Autumn edition
    Prague Salsa Marathon 2019 - Autumn edition

    19th September - 23rd September 2019
    STANDARD pass 149€
    DO NOT forget to book and secure your spot during spring marathon days

  • Christmas Prague Salsa Mass 2019 - Winter edition
    Christmas Prague Salsa Mass 2019 - Winter edition

    13th December - 16th December 2019
    STANDARD pass 149€
    Christmas edition in the beautiful Sacre Coeur church.
    Have you ever dance in a real church? Come to Prague to spend the last days of the year with our happy salsa family.

  • Prague Salsa Marathon 2020 - Spring edition
    Prague Salsa Marathon 2020 - Spring edition

    6th May - 11th May 2020
    MAX pass : 189€, STANDARD pass 149€
    The is the ORIGIN of ALL marathons and the place where all zouk, salsa, kizomba and bachata marathons started